Infosecurity Denmark

Thomas Hildebrandt & David Basin: How do we prepare for a coordinated cyber-physical attack on critical infrastructures?

Thomas Hildebrandt, Associate Professor, IT University of Copenhagen
David Basin, Professor, ETH Zurich Cyber-physical terrorism

How do we prepare for a coordinated cyber-physical attack on critical infrastructures?

 As many other organizations and sectors, the public transport sector has detailed plans for managing emergencies. But, the plans are spread over various documents that need to be continuously rehearsed and updated, and the dependencies on ICT and the consequences of combined cyber-physical emergencies or attacks are at best fragmented. We present a case from the ProSec project running from June 2015 to March 2016, demonstrating a general method for collaborative mapping and simulation of emergency processes and plans for an accident at the Great Belt bridge and outline techniques and formal tools for analyzing processes for cyber-physical security threats.

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